March Journal Topics

Sorry everyone for the long wait for this month’s topics. Due to some computer trouble, changes to the website and other life related complications, I just wasn’t on it.

But here they are. Better late than never, right!

As an overall theme this month, I choose “the arts”. Each week let’s think about how different arts are a part of our lives.

Week 1: Dance

Question 1: Do you enjoy dancing? When? Where? Have you taken classes for it?

Question 2: Should dance be part of compulsory education? for what age groups? Why?

Question 3: Do you enjoy watching other people dance? Do you ever go to see the ballet, musicals or other forms of theatrical dance show?

Week 2: Drama

Question 1: Have you ever tried acting? In a school play, or at some community event? Have you ever been in a TV commercial or show? Write about your experience.

Question 2: Why is it useful to learn dramatic arts skills? Not everyone will be a great actor one day…

Question 3: Why do we love a good drama? Whether a TV show, movie, play or even suspenseful news story, why is drama so moving?

Week 3: Music

Question 1: Do you play a musical instrument? Write about your training and current use.

Question 2: Should parents force their children to learn a musical instrument?

Question 3: What kinds of live music do you enjoy? When do you enjoy live music?

Week 4: Material Arts

Question 1: Do you practice any material arts, such as painting, wood working, needle work and so on? Why did you get into that art? Do you get some benefits from it?

Question 2: What are the benefits of material arts in schools? What problems might they cause?

Question 3: Do you think there should be free public art galleries sponsored by local  or national governments?