April Journal Topics

What a beautiful day today here in Fukui! The cherry trees along Sakura Street were just starting to open this morning. Have you spotted your favorite trees blossoming yet?

Let’s write about it!

Week 1: Spring love!

1.There is a lot to love about spring. What is one of your favorite things about this season?

2. What is your least favorite thing about spring?

3. Where do you want to go this spring?

Week 2: Dreams

1. What is your dream job? If you were back in high school and about to choose a path or profession, what would you do?

2. What is your dream vacation? Where would you go? What would you do?

3. Do you think dreams (we see in our sleep) have meaning?

Week 3: Recycling

1. Spring cleaning season is here. How can you recycle things you don’t need anymore?

2. Do you think used clothing shops are a good way to recycle clothes? Are there better ways?

3. Do you think using plastic bottles is environmentally friendly?

Week 4: Fish

1. Have you ever kept pet fish? What kinds?

2. Do you like to visit an aquarium? Write about an aquarium experience.

3. Research about Japanese carp and write about what you learn.