May Journal Club Themes

Well, Golden Week has come and gone. I hope you all enjoyed a little downtime. I certainly did, playing at various parks and mountains around Fukui.

And now, it is time for business.

Week 1: How do you learn?

  1. What is your ideal learning environment? Do you need a teacher? Do you prefer to study on your own? How do you learn best?
  2. What is the worst learning environment for you? What have been some obstacles for learning in the past?
  3. Recently, many students use after school tutors and cram schools to supplement their learning. Do you think these schools are a good way to improve scores at school?

Week 2: Castles

  1. Which do you prefer Asian style or European style castles?
  2. What is one memorable castle you have visited? What made the visit memorable?
  3. Where is one castle you would like to visit, if you had the chance?

Week 3: Rivers

  1. Do you have a favorite river? Where is it and why do you enjoy that river?
  2. Do you think flood planes on rivers should be available to use by citizens? For example as parkland or for farming?
  3. Recently many rivers in Japan are deepened and reinforced with concrete as part of the flood prevention techniques. Do you think this is a wise practice? Do you think it will continue in the future?

Week 4: Eiken

  1. Recently, there is a big push for all students in Japan to take Eiken qualifications. How do you feel about this new trend, and do you think it will benefit English Education in Japan?

Eiken Grade 2 now has a writing section. Let’s try some of the questions:

  1. Nowadays, many Japanese people are doing volunteer work. Do you think the number of these people will increase in the future?
  2. Some farmers grow fruits and vegetables without using chemicals. Do you think more farmers will grow fruits and vegetables in this way?