August journal Topics

Well Typhoon Noru is slowly creeping up the country. A great reason to stay in an do a little writing. Sorry for the late start this month, but here we go!

Week 1: Summer fun

1: Write about your most memorable summer event or festival.

2: What is something you look forward to in the summer?

3: Do you think summer vacation homework helps or hampers children’s/ family’s ability to have fun over the summer holiday?

Week 2: The straw that broke the camel’s back

This expression refers to the small thing at the end of a number of problems that finally made a situation unbearable.

1: Have you ever experienced an unbearable situation? How did you deal with it? What did you do to resolve it?

2: What are some of the benefits to putting up with a difficult or seemingly unbearable situation?

3: Do you think there will be a “straw to break the Abe administration’s back”?

Week 3: Bully

1: What is a bully? Why do we bully others?

2: Do you think bullying is become a more common occurrence in schools these days? Why or why not?

3: What can be done to help prevent bullying before it starts?

Week 4: Eggplant

1: Do you like eggplant? Why or why not?  What is your favorite (or least favorite) eggplant dish?

2: Do some research about eggplant and its history. Report on some interesting findings about eggplant.

3: Eggplant is often considered a symbol of royalty, power or social status. Why do you think that is? Can you think of other foods that tend to represent a social class or social relationship?