June Journal Topics

June is here, and things are starting to heat up. With much of Japan coming out of isolation, schools in Fukui will reopen today. There were many happy and less-than-happy students walking the streets this morning. I hope everyone enjoys their return to the classroom.

For those of us with no classroom to return to, let’s continue to enjoy our self-study tool, the Journal Club.

June Questions:

1. Do you like going to the beach?
2. Which would you rather do, float or swim?
3. Do you like pineapple? Write about this spiky fruit.
4. Do you think schools should hold some club activities and competitions this year?
5. What is the furthest you have ever walked? Write about the experience.
6. Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness, when someone was kind or helped you for no reason? Write about the experience.