Piano is set ピアノ入りました

Upright piano is placed at International club.
Tuning and cleaning is finished. It is ready to go. More music and international activities I hope.


Temaki-sushi making 手巻き寿司作り


One of IC members Chiyoko will teach us how to make Temaki-sushi easily.
Also the other member Hiroko will teach us some Japanese sushi words and meaning.
It will be a good experience for you to learn and hear.

クラブメンバーのちよこさんと洋子さんが簡単に作る手巻き寿司を教えてくれます。寿司に登場する単語や意味も教えてくれます。日本語や日本を知るよいチャンスです。ぜひ参加ください。 続きを読む