February Journal

I am just back from a lovely week with my uncle in the Philippines. While we were away I noticed a lot of my daily habits that I didn’t do while overseas. I thought, let’s write a bit about our habits this month.

Week 1

  1. How do you do your grocery shopping? Do you have any special habits?
  2. Have you ever used a grocery home delivery service? Why? Did/do you like the service?

Week 2

  1. Which do you prefer baths or showers? Why?
  2. This month is the Kumbh Mela in India. An important spiritual festival where devotees bathe in the Ganges River to wash away their sins. Have you ever participated in a spiritual bathing ritual?

Week 3

  1. Do you have a morning routine? How do you start your day?
  2. Do you have an evening routine? How do you end your day?

Week 4

  1. The Tokyo Olympics are just a year and 5 months away. Do you have plans to try to see any events? (Live or on TV)
  2. What kinds of sporting events do you enjoy watching?

January Journal

Happy New Year! May there be many things worth writing about in 2019! Let’s get to it.

Week 1

  1. Where do you want to go this winter?
  2. Why don’t you want to go anywhere this winter?

Week 2

  1. What is your favorite condiment?
  2. What is your least favorite condiment?

Week 3

  1. What is your favorite (or least favorite) mode of transportation?

Week 4

  1. What is your favorite news source?
  2. What is the best news source?

英語でランチ・Roast Chicken Soup

Chicken and turkey soups are a big part of end of year food culture in North America. After eating the meat off a roast turkey, the bones are boiled for 2 days to make turkey stock. Add to this celery, carrots and your other favorite vegetables to make a healthy hearty soup. This month let’s enjoy a little Christmas flavor while eating some wholesome cold-fighting food!

Roast Ginger Chicken Soup Serves 6

Ingredients Directions
–   2-3 Chicken thighs

–   2 onions

–   2 large carrots

–   Ginger (julienned)

–   Rice cakes or bread

1.      Rub chicken thighs, onion and carrots with a generous amount of salt and olive oil and bake for 25-30 minutes in an oven at 180. Chicken skin should be golden brown, and vegetables should be tender and a little brown.

2.      Remove from oven and cool. Save the drippings from the oven.

3.      Dice the chicken into cubes, slice onions and carrots into large chunks.

4.      In a large pot, boil water and add ginger and drippings.

5.      Add chicken and vegetables and simmer on a low heat 15-20 minutes. Let stand for another 20 minutes.

6.      Serve with rice cakes or fresh bread.