June Journal Topics

Well 2022 is half in the bag. And now let the season of flowers and insects begin. June is a month for celebrating new beginnings, second starts and all the possibility ahead. Writing Topics: If you could create a national holiday in June, what kind of holiday would it be? How would you celebrate? What is your favourite June flower? What new thing would you like to try this month?

September Journals

At last the autumn is here. It is still hot. It is still muggy. But somehow, the sky is softer. The air is crisper. Autumn is in the air. Hope everyone found something to enjoy this strange summer. We are in the final days of the Paralympics, which has had me thinking a lot about differently abled people. So as a theme this month: Differently abled Write about an experience when you couldn’t use your body as you wanted to. (For example, a broken bone or injury) Write about an experience you had working with a disabled person. Did you watch any Paralympic events? What was your impression of the …

Welcome Back

The snow seems to have settled and the parking lot is cleared so we will have in-person classes during the day this week. Tuesday, Jan 19th: 10am; 13:30pm (in person) Thursday, Jan 21st: 11am; 13:00pm (in person) Evening classes will remain online this week. Tuesday, Jan 19th 19:30 –> 20:00 on Zoom Tuesday, Jan 19th 20:45 –> 21:00 on Zoom If you need the Zoom link, please contact Maryszka. From Jan 25th, in person evening classes will also be available. Drive safe, walk safe. If you have any other concerns, please get in touch.