Black Lives Matter Event in Fukui Japan

One of our friends has organized an event on July 17th, Friday night, at Aossa on the 6th floor from 6:30pm. This won’t be a place where people scream and push their opinions onto the others, but a place to listen. We will spotlight diverse voices and listen to their experiences while trying to realize the hidden discrimination in our minds. So, hopefully you can join us and understand the Black Lives Matter movement after the event.

*The event will be in English, but there might be Japanese interpreters depending on who joins. The entrance fee is 500yen.  Interested? Join us by facebook event page or contact us by the form below.


6:30PM – Doors Open
*Doors close at 6:45PM
7:00PM – Event Start
7:10PM – Panelist Discussion
8:20PM – Audience Q&A
8:40PM – Small Group Discussions
9:10PM – Cool Down & Reflection
9:20PM – Doors Reopen
9:30PM – Event End

18:30 – ドアが開く
19:00 – イベント公開
19:10 – パネリスト討論
20:20 – 聴衆Q&A
20:40- グループでの討論
21:10- クールダウンと反省
21:20- ドアが再び開く
21:30 – イベント終了