July Journal Topics

Well July has arrived with summer like weather. Heavy rain, high humidity, stifling heat. All the good stuff that makes you want to sit inside with a nice drink and a little bit of writing. So let’s get to it! July journals:

Week 1: Home grown

1: What are some of the benefits to growing some food for yourself? What are the disadvantages?

2: Have you ever tried growing fruits or vegetables for yourself? Why did you decide to start? Were you successful?

3: There is a joke in Canada that no one locks their car doors, except during zucchini season. Zucchini plants produce many zucchini (too many) and very quickly. So farmers (both professional and amateur) always have too many to sell or give away. The joke is that if you leave your car door unlocked, it is likely someone will put their extra zucchini in your car.  What do you do when people give you home grown produce that you don’t want or need?

Week 2: The Beach

1: Have you been to a beach yet this year? What did you do?

2: Where is your favorite beach (in Japan or overseas)? Why do you like it so much?

3: Which do you prefer, spending time in the mountains or by the sea?

Week 3: Take it for granted

1: What is something about where you live that you often take for granted?

2: What is something in your life you are thankful for?

3: Have you ever been surprised by something you used to take for granted?

For example, I used to take for granted that bikes belong on the road and that all cyclists follow the same traffic rules as drivers. It was a bit of a shock and a big adjustment when I came to Japan and had to get used to following pedestrian rules even when cycling.

Week 4: A blessing in disguise

1: Describe a time you had a blessing in disguise.

2: Have you ever had a monkey’s paw? (A monkey’s paw is something that seems good at first, but turns out to be more trouble than its worth. It comes from the short story “The Monkey’s Paw” about a magic monkey paw that will grant your wish.)

3: In what ways might the Trump Administration be a blessing in disguise?




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Practice days are June 21st and July 5th at 7:30pm at International club.

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June Journal Questions

It’s my favorite month of the year! Fresh green leaves, dewy mornings, rain and ducklings! Can’t wait to enjoy the great outdoors, but first a little time for writing.

Week 1: How do you make that?

1: Describe how to make something. Anything. It could be a meal, a craft, a car. Anything you like. What are the steps to make it.

2: What is your favorite place to make something? What do you make there? Why do you like this space?

3: Have you ever tried to make something that turned out to be harder than expected or easier than expected? What was it? What did you expect would be the outcome, how was it different from your finished or failed product?

Week 2: Climate Deal

1: What are ways you can help protect against climate change?

2: How might global climate change affect Japan over then next 50 years?

3: What do you think about the Paris climate deal and the US decision to pull out? Do you think there should be some sanctions or punishment for countries who fail to uphold this Paris Accord?

Week 3: Firefly

1: Have you ever seen fireflies? Where did you see them? Describe the setting and your experience?

2: Have you ever seen other glowing lifeforms (mushrooms, fish, squid etc)? Where did you see them? How did you feel?

3: Do you know any myths, legends or traditional stories that involve fireflies? Write about it. Or make your own short story about a firefly.

Week 4: Eiken (again) Continuing to support those of us working on improving our essay writing skills: three Eiken style questions.

1: Some parents push their children to take extra tutoring outside of school. Do you think the number of such parents will increase in the future?

2: Recently, portable devices have been growing in popularity. Do you think they will one day replace devices like desktop computers and televisions?

3: In recent years, there is often news about global conflicts and acts of terrorism. How do you think this news affects young people in Japan today?

英語でランチ May Recipe: Chicken Caesar Salad

I know you have all been waiting, and this month we have got a great spring/summer recipe. One of my favorites as the romaine lettuce comes into season!

Let’s enjoy lunch, May 31st from 11-1 pm! RSVP if you want a seat!

Chicken Caesar Salad

Ingredients Directions

Stale baguette, cubed

Garlic butter

Bacon, diced

1.      Fry bacon until crispy, then remove from pan.

2.      Add garlic butter to the pan and melt

3.      Toss the bread cubes in the butter until well coated, then put in toaster until golden brown.

Salad Dressing (per serving)

–          2 tbsp Mayonnaise

–          1/4 tsp diced garlic

–          1 tbsp olive oil

–          White vinegar (or lemon juice)

–          Pepper and salt to taste

1.      Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a bowl or bottle.

2.      Refrigerate for 15-20 minutes

²  You can use raw garlic or sauté the garlic in olive oil and use that for a milder dressing.

²  You may want sugar if the lemon is too tart.


– 1/2 chicken breast per serving

– salt and pepper

– 1 lemon, juiced

1. Slice chicken into thin strips

2. Dress the chicken strips with salt, pepper and a little olive oil

3. Fry in a pan until cooked, remove chicken to a serving bowl

4. Deglaze the pan with lemon juice


  1. Wash, dry and prepare salad leaves on a plate
  2. Add chicken, bacon and croutons on top
  3. Cover with desired amount of salad dressing
  4. Finish with your favourite cheese (parmesan, cheddar, feta are all great)
  5. Enjoy!

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