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ジャー ナル用のノートを2冊用意して、テーマをHPでチェックして、1冊のジャーナル帳に書いて下さい。 第2週・第4週にマルシュカ(いなければ、ジャーナルボックスに)に提出して下さい。テーマは毎週変わります。マルシュカがジャーナル帳をチェックしてい る間、みなさんはもう一つのジャーナル帳に記入して下さい。

参加費 月1000円 (英語クラス受講者は無料)

One of our goals, here at the International Club, is to help people broaden their perspective on the world through English.

One way to do this is by participating in the Journal Club. Participants will challenge themselves to write a journal each week on various topics. To help participants improve their English skills, Maryszka has offered to check these journals and offer feedback and writing assistance.

The Journal Club is open to all registered International Club Members.

How it works:

Check the themes on this homepage. Choose a question and write your ideas about it in a notebook. The second and 4th week you can submit your notebook to be edited. While your notebook is being edited, start writing the next theme in your next book.

Journal Club is free from English students. Or a small fee of 1000 yen per month, for general members.