You will be Soba master in two month.2ヶ月でそば打ちマスター!?


Working with Soba-uchi NPO to train 20 young gangsters. You will know how to make Soba noodle in two month . It might make you keep Soba-uchi as hobby. You improve your skill and impress your friends.BUT!  There is some commitment to make.

  • Your age has to be between late teenager to early 30th.
  • At least 10 times training to make at Echizen-soba-club.
  • Fee is 5000 yen for 10 times training.
  • Oct 14th and Nov.11th you have to show making soba in front of people.
  • accept first 20 applicants.

If YES!, apply from the form below.


  • 対象年齢10代後半から30代前半までの方
  • 最低10回の受講をすること(練習開場は越前蕎麦倶楽部
  • 参加費5000円(10回)支払い
  • 10月14日、11月11日イベントでそば打ち披露が出来るもの
  • 先着20名


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