March Journal

What a beautiful day to start out this March! Let’s enjoy a little writing and lots of time outside this month.

Week 1

  1. Do you think school uniforms are still an important part of Japanese education?
  2. Write about a memory of a school uniform. (wearing it yourself, or seeing it on someone else, etc.)

Week 2

  1. When was the last time you sang out loud?
  2. Do you think there are any benefits to singing?

Week 3

  1. The Momo Challenge. Did you hear about this news? Why do you think fake scare stories like this are easily spread from person to person?
  2. Do you like scary stories or movies? Why are horror movies/stories popular?

Week 4

  1. Write about a spring vacation memory. It could be your own, a relatives or an imagined one.
  2. Write about a first day of —— memory. What happened on the first day of something new? (for example: school, living in a new house, being a mother or father, at a new job, owning a car or something)