January Journal Topics

Happy New Year everyone!

May this be a year of great joy, health and happiness and above all a year we can enjoy learning new skills and using old ones!

I have had a fun start to 2020, playing with my kids. Their 9 day winter holiday meant we had lots of time to spend together. I was awe-struck by how crafty they have become. We built all kinds of cardboard toys this holiday, from a marble rollercoaster, to a TV, camera, train and wave-generating machine (?)…I’m a little sad they have gone back to school, but it means it is time for us to get back to work too! Let’s enjoy lots of journals in 2020.


  1. On the topic of school. Write about an experience of going “back-to-school” as an adult learner. Did you ever go back for new qualifications, certificates or just for the fun of learning?
  2. A good calendar: What do you look for in your calendars? We have many calendars in our lives, from work space calendars, kitchen calendars to our daily planners. What kind of calendars do you use? What are the best (or worst) features for a calendar?
  3. Changing old habits: At the end of 2019, new distracted driving laws came into effect in Japan. Do you think these laws will help change drivers habits? How can we encourage drivers to stay focused on driving?
  4. National Holiday: From 2020, February will welcome a new national holiday. What do you think about having a second national holiday in the shortest month of the year?