February Journals

Happy groundhog day everyone!

Well February is here and it seems winter doesn’t want to play this year. It certainly makes life easier, although I feel a bit sad without the cold.

Recently the novel corona virus has become big news. When I prepared this month’s journal questions early in January, I thought of question 2 because strep throat (溶連菌感染症) was spreading at my children’s kindergarten and some children started using masks.

Our kindergarten asked us not to put masks on our children, but to keep our kids home if they had a sore throat/ go to see a doctor if they had fever and to be extra careful about hygiene (wash hands, gargle, good sleep, nutritious food). I was pleasantly surprised by my kindergarten’s position on masks, as it seems unusual in Japan.

But as the news about the new corona virus increases, I wonder if the meaning of this question has changed.

Anyway, good luck and have a great February.

1. What is your least favorite color? Do you have a color that you don’t like in certain situations? (For example: In most cases I like the color green. However, I don’t really like green for dishes like plates or bowls. I think it makes food look less tasty.)

2. Do you ever use a face mask? When do you use it?

3. How do you like to spend free time in February?

4. What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?