Journal club for April.

Happy April Fools Day. (Okay, I’m a little late)
I don’t have any tom-foolery for you, just one joke:
On the first day of the new school term, a teacher is asking her new students about their families. She asks one student, “What are your parent’s names?” The student replies, “My father is Laughing and my mother is Smiling.” The teacher looks at the students and says, “Are you kidding?” The student replies, “No. Kidding is my brother. I’m Joking.”
They say laughter is the best medicine. Let’s enjoy a little laughter as we write our journals this month.

1. If you had a hobby farm what would you like to grow?
2. Do you have a green thumb? Write about a gardening experience.
3.  Which do you prefer tea or coffee?
4. What is a useless thing you have bought in your life?
5. Have you ever bought something that seemed useless at first, but turned out to be a very useful purchase?
6. Have you ever tried making a piece of clothing? How did it turn out?