May Journal Topics

Happy May Day everyone!

The first of May was traditionally celebrated as a festival a flowers. But, it has many meanings in many different countries and cultures. Let’s celebrate this May Day as a time of renewal. While the end of our troubles is not yet in sight, we are turning the corner. Progress is being made. One day, sooner or later, we will reap the fruit of this time in isolation.

What have you done with your time?

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


  1. What is something new you have tried this week?
  2. What food would you like to eat this spring/early summer?
  3. Write about a memory with a bicycle.
  4. What is a surprising thing about staying home?
  5. Which do you prefer green tea or barley tea?
  6. If you were to start keeping a fish tank, what kind of fish would you like to keep?

Bonus: What kind of shortcuts have you learned during this time at home?