March Journal Topics

March has certainly come in like a lion. But little by little the lamb like March has begun. With warmer weather and fine sunny days, this is certainly a good time of year to enjoy a walk outside. Journal Topics: What is your motto? Do you have any favorite words or special saying that helps you in your life? What is your best spring recipe? Write out instructions how to make it. Do you have a memory playing jump rope? Share about it.

September Journals

At last the autumn is here. It is still hot. It is still muggy. But somehow, the sky is softer. The air is crisper. Autumn is in the air. Hope everyone found something to enjoy this strange summer. We are in the final days of the Paralympics, which has had me thinking a lot about differently abled people. So as a theme this month: Differently abled Write about an experience when you couldn’t use your body as you wanted to. (For example, a broken bone or injury) Write about an experience you had working with a disabled person. Did you watch any Paralympic events? What was your impression of the …